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BD-INTRO: Introductory course prenatal BioDynamics – The essence of self-regulation

Wilhelm August 18, 2022

• Find inner peace & balance in the autonomic nervous system
• Your holistic liquid body: this is how self-regulation succeeds
• Dynamic Silence & Primary Respiration

All our body structures differentiate from the prenatal liquid body.

In the prenatal period, the most important decisions are made for our health.
The earliest irritations and compressions shape us to this day.
Just as you were able to explore the 4 zones of perception back then – this is how you explore the world to this day.

Healing can take place when these spaces come into balance.

Attunement cycle: This is how the Biodynamic healing work begins

Balancing the 4 zones of perception: lightness and space

The 7 Breaths of Orientation: Access to the Fluid Body Our prenatal resources find orientation and resilience in traumatic imprints in the fluid body.

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