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BD1: The essence of self-regulation

Wilhelm August 18, 2022

Fluid Body & Conception: Dynamic Stillness & Ground Regulation

• the breathing liquid body: reintegrate the full potential of our original resource

• regulate the autonomic nervous system with easily digestible stress management strategies

• Oscillating through the 4 zones of perception as the foundation of self-regulation

• Approaches to guidance and compassion in traumatic imprinting

• Man as a being of light: quantum physics and biodynamic healing work

• the 5 aspects of the BioDynamic treatment protocol

• Understand clients in their entirety more deeply and treat them more comprehensively

• establish your therapeutic neutrality as the foundation of therapeutic work

• Inner Balance and Primary Respiration provide a component of lightness that is nurturing and healing for both client and therapist

Since conception, the fluid body breathes in the rhythm of primary respiration. Irritation and trauma lead to compression in the fluid body,
the primary respiration can then no longer unfold harmoniously.
These compressions and limitations still have an effect on our body structures today.
Imprints from before and after birth have far-reaching effects

• on the ability to bond and our relationship patterns

• on our social skills and ability to cope with stress

• on the elasticity of our autonomic nervous system and on the immune system

• Cardiovascular, neurological, visceral and orthopedic

• Illnesses à About 80% of our clients’ symptoms have their origin here

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