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Introduction of the initiator, Uwe Baumann

Wilhelm December 7, 2022

Uwe Baumann is an alternative practitioner (D) and
Qualified Complementary Therapist (CH)

Founder of BirthYourSelf,

the BioDynamik Academy and

of the Phoenix Healing Circle

He has been training therapists and midwives in the field of craniosacral biodynamics / craniosacral osteopathy, trauma and prenatal therapy for over 25 years.

He is an apprentice on a traditional Indian healing path and follows the call of his soul.

His heart’s concern is to unfold our original evolutionary potential, the focus of his approach is epigenetic imprints and prenatal irritations and how we can transform them into powerful resources.

Uwe dreamed the Phoenix Healing Circle into being, which is just seeing the light of day

Here is a small preview of his RoadMap:

As the next major milestone, the Phönix-Healing Circle is to be expanded in order to provide external therapists with access to this deep wealth of knowledge with a special program.

A simplified version is intended to be available to clients.

Uwe develops the BIO Birthing program for bonding-oriented pregnancy support and birth preparation. Many babies and mothers had an easier and more powerful start into being on earth through the BioBirthing program that he passes on in his practice.

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