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Overview And Goals

Wilhelm August 19, 2022

In the basic course you will receive the basis for your craniosacral therapeutic work.

In this intensive training year, we want to teach you the most important basics,

• increase your sensitivity,
• train you in mindfulness,
• so that areas of your body become accessible again
• and more vitality takes place in you.

You want to prepare your body this year by recognizing tensions and overcoming blockages. The meditations and outdoor ceremonies are important tools for this. The more you practice this regularly, the better your outcome will be at the end of the year.

Of course, you can and should also apply the CST knowledge in your practice. You want to feel people as much as possible, what is their rhythm, how does their system feel?

You should also explore various symptoms according to your level of knowledge (if in doubt, with your learning partner or mentor)

The first year of apprenticeship prepares you and your body for
that you can hold higher and faster vibrational states in the 2nd year.

To do this, some blockages should be released, your system should already be somewhat familiar when your inner healing plan comes to the surface and you go through a healing process.


We will first illuminate these irritations for ourselves and then have the opportunity to make this space available to our clients, in which they can become aware of their ambivalence and can integrate these ambivalent parts of the soul.

Due to the importance of this fundamental character of life, this usually provides an immeasurable resource that can then unfold beneficially in all areas of life.

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