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Preparation For Meditation

Wilhelm August 17, 2022

1:00 Uwe’s History

2:00 Uwe’s dream comes true

3:00 a.m. Team Introduction and Phoenix Healing Circle

5:00 The larger vision: Bringing knowledge and tools, resources from the prenatal period into the world

7:00 am Present trigger moments and survival responses

8:15 balanced preparations when a storm is coming,

9:00 the Prophecies of the Twisted Hair

10:00 am Experiences with the medicine wheel

11:40   Synergy of both worlds to prepare us for the transition into the 5th world when the autonomic nervous system is in imbalance, symptoms arise

14:40 The role of the media in triggering our earliest imprints, real-life experiences,

Energy loss = NoGo in times of “Living-on-the-Edge”

19:00 The pain, the development and the longing of your soul & sources of strength can arise from compassion

22:00 The making of diamonds, are you a diamond in the making?

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