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BD1 – Quantum Dynamics

Wilhelm August 18, 2022

00:00 The atom, the “indivisible”

02:30 What is the atom made of?
Electron: not a particle, rather a little thing and a little passing

03:40 Recommended reading

04:00 Plastic comparison to understand the size ratio of the atom

04:30 What impression does St. Peter’s Basilica give us wrongly?

05:00 Light forces interacting with the electron

06:00 Photons carry magnetic energy

07:00 by intention: Masterful focusing of chi

11:00 Where is the weight in the atom?

11:30 At the core, the proton is made up of quarks/antiquarks particles

13:30 Virtual particles emerge from the primordial soup

15:30 Photons carry electromagnetic energy

16:00 different wavelengths of electromagnetic waves/light/radiation

19:30 Do you only believe what you can see/grasp?
What beliefs limit you?

22:00 I see the biomagnetic field
Points of contact between quantum dynamics and biodynamics

24:00 How much information is in the client’s biomagnetic field
What of the client’s story can you perceive?

27:00 Boundary violations violate the biomagnetic field and act as an entry path for energies of similar frequencies

29:00 Stabilization of the biomagnetic field
We have arrived at an evolutionary point in body therapy:
We are writing the new healing paradigm

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