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Basic training in craniosacral therapy

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  2. Welcome to the course
  3. Introduction of the initiator, Uwe Baumann
  4. overview and goals
    GK1 - Basics of CranioSacral Therapy
  6. GK1 - Tension Balance & Self-Regulation
    GK2: Diaphragms
  8. GK2: Diaphragm energy, envelope and point of ballance copy
  9. GK2 - Pelvic Meditation
  10. GK2 - Fascia and diaphragms
  11. GK2 - Demo atlanto-occipital region
  12. GK3: Cranium
    GK3: Cranium
  13. GK3 - Craniosacral Rhythm Meditation
  14. GK3 - Demo Os frontale
  15. GK3 - Demo Os parietale, Os temporale
  16. GK3 - Os temporale & CV4
  17. GK4: Skull base and pelvis
    GK4: Skull base and pelvis
  18. GK4 - welcome
  19. GK4 - Meditation attunement to your SSB
  20. GK4 - Demo compensatory dysfunctions
  21. GK4 - Primary Traumatic SSB Dysfunctions
  22. GK4 - Extended diagnostics/evaluation
  23. GK4 - Diagnostics in everyday life
    GK5: Demo Andrea
  25. GK5 - Treatment protocols, diagnostics & anamnesis
  26. GK5 - Quadrant diagnostics
  27. GK5 - 3 parts ANS
  28. GK5 - Uwe's personal experience
  29. GK5 - Trauma Skills 1
  30. GK5 - Trauma Skills 2
  31. GK5 - Demo Simone
  32. GK5 - Demo Simone 2nd part
  33. GK5 - Demo Simone 3 part
  34. GK5 - Demo Simone Part 4
  35. GK5 - Demo Julia
  36. GK5 - Demo Julia 2nd part
  37. GK5 - Demo Silvia
  38. GK5 - Demo Silvia 2nd part
  39. GK6: Graduation
    GK6: Graduation
  40. The basics
    The basics
  41. GK1 - Basics of CranioSacral Therapy
  42. GK2: Diaphragms
  43. GK3: Cranium
  44. GK4: Skull base and pelvis
  45. GK5: Viscerocranium
  46. GK6: Graduation
  47. From theory to practice
    From theory to practice
  48. First steps
  49. Mindset
  50. TIPS AND BEST pratices
    Practical examples
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Welcome to the course

Wilhelm August 18, 2022

You will benefit most from the Phoenix Healing Circle if you explicitly take your time for the meditations:

– switch off all sources of interference,
– turn off your phone,
– close your mail program etc.

Formulate an intent for the meditation. An intent is an intention.

For example
•      I want to delve deeper into these body regions
•      I would like to feel more vitality in these parts of the body
•    I want to understand what’s going on with this blockage
•      I want to give space to my inner healing plan
•     I would like to integrate this aspect of self-regulation so that I can remain calm in situation X or Y

or similar.

The best way to do this is to go outside or in the garden.

Formulate exactly ONE intention!

Say a tobacco* or cornmeal prayer for this intent
*or other giveaway

You want something, so you give something.

Prepare the room before meditation, make it a little nicer, light a candle or something,
In this way you honor the room.

Later in the BioDynamics Intensive Training you will explore a deeper meaning of space that is essential to healing your prenatal irritations.

But let this be your time of preparation now and see what changes as you honor space.

So you create a specific setting that suits YOU and that you hopefully enjoy.

You repeat these steps every time, thereby you initiate your individual synaptic connections that facilitate access to these new levels of perception, you create the key to your portal…

This also applies in particular to the healing ceremonies (which you prefer to hold outside).

Here, too, you need a give-away at the beginning of the ceremony to clearly formulate your intention and at the end of the ceremony a give-away as a thank you for what you have received.

I also recommend you watch the lessons with an intent:

For example, try to fully immerse yourself in the field,
connect across the boundaries of space and time.

This may be a little challenging at first, but soon you will be able to transfer this skill to other areas of your life.

I’m looking forward,
to walk this path with you
to create a common learning field with you,
to grow together

with my best wishes

Uwe Bauman
~ and your team at BirthYourSelf

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