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Meditation preparation

Wilhelm Juli 17, 2024

dealing with the mind

For those who have hitherto tended to be rational, who can quickly come up with a logical explanation, who can justify everything and who are very much identified with their thinking, now comes an unusual perspective.

Because we are mainly brought up in our cultural circles in such a way that performance and facts are the most important, that you can solve any problem if you think it through long enough (with the mind).

Discussions and debates also take place at the level of the mind, and we can observe that they do not necessarily produce sustainable solutions on a daily basis. People who are on other levels, who want to bring in aspects other than rational ones, are quickly smiled at from above. I know that all too well from my past life.

So we’re going to get to know the mind a little better in the next lesson, and, (not only) if you belong to the more rational faction, I’d like to especially invite you to give the mind a small task: namely, whether it might be possible , to playfully look at the mind from a different perspective than his own ????

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