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BD1 – Mirror Neurons

Wilhelm August 18, 2022

00:00 Discovery of mirror neurons in the premotor cortex in Parma (Prof. Rizolatti)

03:30 When the mirror neurons are working well and when they shut down

05:30 …in the context of social interaction

07:00 …in the context of an activation

08:00 …in the context of a typical family situation

09:00 How we can support the mirror neurons for the benefit of the relationship…

11:00 Impact on our practical work

11:50 Empathy vs Setting Boundaries (Discourse)

13:40 Empathy vs Expectation

16:00 Finding balance in the relationship

17:40 Back to practical work

18:00 Dysfunctional mirror neurons in certain clinical pictures

19:00 Self-awareness and self-reflection as the key to your therapeutic competence

21:00 Language is a useful tool of interaction:

22:00 Implicit and Explicit Perception
process of becoming aware

24:00 What do I resonate with -via mirror neurons

25:00 The mirror neurons of the cingulate gyrus
Awakening the mirror neurons of compassion

27:00 Dealing with people who express little empathy and compassion
Dealing with people who have experienced hostility

31:00 Your self-worth: Creating a safe setting (discourse)

34:00 using the example of an injured animal (cat/hunter)
using the example of a flight animal (horse)
(Discourse activation that took place in a seminar situation/treatment exchange)

36:00 Mirror neurons our helpers in practical work

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