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BD2 – Attunement Cycle, Imprint & PR

Wilhelm August 18, 2022

How do I integrate biodynamics into my practical work,
especially if I have been working more structurally up to now?

02:00 How do you experience the Primary Breath?

02:30 how do you notice your client: attunement cycle

03:00 How to incorporate the attunement cycle into your everyday life

03:50 Finding practice and growth areas in everyday life

05:40 Become aware of how my opponent’s field breathes

07:00 Where is your portal, where can you “enter?

07:40 Zone A after Dr. Jealous helps to regain our wholeness
And reclaim split off aspects
Also for the old hands: how to get a feeling for the limitations
you have adapted in such a way that this limitation of your life energy is not at all
more noticeable

10:30 am Establish a connection to the inner child/inner embryo
Through my mindfulness and self-awareness I have it in my hands

11:20 How does the Prime Breath express itself in your daily life, how can it

13:00 The Prime Breath is the conductor of your being

2:00 p.m. How you breathe, your thoughts, your emotions, your fluid body
regulate to gain more coherence and perceive the conductor

16:00 The new aspect of the Prime Breath as ascending THREE-DIMENSIONAL force in
the center line

17:40 Healing of the conception imprint: Hold this space of expanse

19:00 Focus on health and your individual and very special trail

20:00 Tune into stations that notice any phase shift that
Attunement Cycle is your portal for syncing
to “surf” the tide

22:00 Find powerful fields where you can connect with the “field” and yourself
can detach a little bit from the identification with the physical body

11:00 p.m. the Biblical term for “Primary Breath”

24:00 My Primary Breath or Your Primary Breath?
Preview of Primary Breath in the Nervous System and Cardiovascular System,
always in the embryonic context of your BioDynamic growth forces

28:00 How to learn to consciously tune into the station

30:00 …as long as we feel the wind we are not afraid

31:45 Past life imprints

34:00 Desensitize and stabilize Zone B

36:00 Working with different clients, each client needs its own
“Language” and individual metaphors

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