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BD2 – The Basic Principle of Healing

Wilhelm December 13, 2022

Uwe talks about the earliest imprints, how Zone B represents the earliest prenatal imprints. How we work with zone B, especially the “first” encounter with the mother, i.e. the INSTALLING.
The imprints of implantation have a massive impact on our bonding capacity and our relationships.

You learn how your comfort zone limits you, or how you can increase the radius of your comfort zone,

You become aware of the representation of Grandmother Earth.


What question we can ask ourselves takes us further….What question we can ask our client takes us further/What question leads to the integration of the earliest irritation at the time….and leads us back into wholeness and our original health

How can we gain understanding and compassion for the mother

How can we convey understanding and compassion for the mother

The quintessence of BioDynamic CranioSacral Therapy:

the BioDynamic resource perspective

What angle can we take to focus on health, to address primordial wholeness

6:40 Correlation with Chinese Medicine:

the subtle body, the body that carries the imprint.

There are TWO subtle bodies in Chinese medicine: the “very subtle body” the even more subtle body that carries the original health.

also dr James Jealous says we have 2 fluid bodies.

7:35 What does the orientation towards health include (the very subtle body)

Original health orientation is our key to realizing who we really are (before the limiting imprints).
This allows us to break the “contract” we made at implantation.

This also applies to all later irritations and trauma.

In this course you will already get the basic principle of healing that you can more or less transfer to any therapeutic situation.

We mediate in the attunement cycle between the subtle body and the even more subtle body. How can you do that without sinking into suffering?
We learn to recognize the difference it makes in terms of our vitality and zest for life when the energy bound up in the dysfunction is available again to flow freely. This brings us into contact with our deep-rooted basic trust

We gain the strength and standing to accompany the client through their growth and healing process.

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